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December Diaper Drive (Dec. 1-14, 2015)

We’ve got some exciting news!

The Waco Diaper Bank will be holding a community wide Diaper Drive from December 1-14. The diapers that are donated from the drive will benefit Caritas and the families that they serve. If you belong to a church, organization or business that would like to host a drop-off location for diapers during the drive, please sign up here! We need locations all over the area. And of course, we need wonderful people to donate diapers during the drive as well. Thank you, Waco!

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  1. Will Thomas says:


    I work at the Domtar plant in Waco. We produce baby diapers and love to find local organizations to donate diapers to. We have donated to about a half dozen organizations or more this year. We have recently donated to Talitha Koum, which I noticed on your Waco trib article.

    Please send me an email with your contact info and I will work to set up a donation during your drive.

    Will Thomas

  2. Eric Brown says:

    We are a Waco facility that produces baby diapers. We have a large amount of diapers we accumulate to donate to worthy causes such as yours. We have a fairly large amount of diapers already accumulated that could be donated. If you would please contact Scott Vernon at 254-420-5817 or myself at 254-420-5809 so we can make arrangements to make a donation.

  3. Melody Lee says:

    I wish you’d have a PayPal or GoFundMe account so I could give online.

  4. Margie Hargis says:

    Please tell how I can contribute money for this most worthy cause.

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